Dimitar Evgeniev Dimitrov

Software Developer

Munich Germany


One Response to “About”

  1. Alan Schwartz Says:

    Hi Dimitar_
    I am a Clinical Social Worker who developed a application for other ssworkers. I am running into installer problems with different versions of Access and the installer starting up w/ each versiion. I read your installscript post and wonder if it is for sale. Thanks Alan

    Here is sample code for a custom action in InstallScript, you can do the same in C++ no matter how are you building your MSI package.
    The idea is to find out which COM components are you registering and to remove the hash values, that are inserted automatically from Windows Installer.

    function RemoveRepairKeys(hMSI)
    STRING key, guid, context;
    LONG hDB, hView, hRec, r;
    NUMBER pos, num;

    hDB = MsiGetActiveDatabase(hMSI);

    if(hDB = 0) then
    SprintfMsiLog(“Error MsiGetActiveDatabase”);
    return 0;

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